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Bail Bond Frequently Asked Questions in Harris and Ft. Bend County

1. What is the Purpose of a Bail Bond?
The purpose of a bail bond is to guarantee to the court that the person being released on bail will make all of their required court appearances. It is a financial guarantee to the court that the defendant will actually appear as expected each and every time they are to go before the court throughout the process of dispositioning the case against them. The failure of a defendant to comply with his or her court appearances could possibly result in warrants being issued and the amount of the bail bond being forfeited.
2. What is Collateral?
As an indemnitor or individual providing collateral, you are financially responsible for the bail bond. As long as the person you bail out attends all court appearances, you will not have to pay any money beyond the premium paid to the bonding company at the time of your loved one's release from jail. If the accused is simply late to court or has a valid reason for not being there, typically we are able to get them back into court without any additional expenses. However, if the bailed individual skips bail and we are not able to return that person to court….. you are required to pay the full amount of the bail as already determined by the court. Upon returning the bailed individual to the court, you are required to reimburse us for all expenses incurred.
Valid forms of collateral include money or property that you deposit with the bail bond company. The collateral is held primarily to guarantee the bail amount should the defendant fail to appear in court or to secure the bond premium. We do not require collateral in the majority of situations.
Factors that may determine if collateral will be required may include:
  • Accused person's history of prior arrests
  • Whether or not accused person is local to the jurisdiction where the arrest was made
  • Whether or not the indemnitor is employed
  • Accused person's history of dealing with providers of previous bail bonds
3. What is an Indemnitor or Co-Signer?
An indemnitor or co-signer is a person who agrees to be financially responsible for the full amount of the bail bond in the event the defendant fails to make a court appearance and cannot be returned to court. An indemnitor is responsible for paying any costs incurred as a result of the defendant missing a court date. If there is more than one indemnitor on a bail bond, they are jointly and severally liable. This means the money could be collected from either one or both indemnitor.
4. How Long Does it Take to Get Out of Jail?
The paperwork in our office usually takes less than 15-20 minutes. The release time after the jail receives our bond is generally 8-12 hours. Generally speaking, the busier the holding facility, the longer it takes.
5. What Areas does Better Now Than Later Bail Bonds Serve?
Better Now Than Later Bonds is a 24-hour bail bond service provider primarily serving Harris and Fort Bend Counties as well as all of each counties many individual municipalities. We also assist individuals outside of the immediate area seeking to help friends and family who are incarcerated in other jurisdictions or even in other states on an individual case by case basis.
6. Are Payment Plans Available on the Bond Premium?
Yes, payment plans are available. Please call us for information. 713-521-2004
7. Does Better Now Than Later Bail Bonds Provide Non-Arrest Bonds?
Yes, Better Now Than Later Bail Bonds does non-arrest bonds. If you receive notice that there is an open arrest warrant for you, contact BNTL immediately to avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of going to jail.
Contact us to find answers to ANY questions about bail bond services not already listed above.